How to Take Oil on Water Bubble Pictures

The video above is a short “How to” tutorial on how to take Oil on Water bubble photographs, like I did in the Oil on Water post

An example being the one below.

Oil on Water (5)
Oil on Water (5)

To summarise the video. To take Oil Bubbles on Water you need the following.

1) A clean clear container to hold the water and oil

2) Some colour material that you can light up in some way.  This could be photo filters, gels or sweet wrappers for instance.

3) A tripod to hold the camera and lens steady.

4) Some means of holding the container above the lit up colour material.  Plamp, books, tables etc.  (Older example of oil and water setup)

5) Wait for the Oil and water to calm down after adding the Oil.

6) Use a shutter delay or trigger to help reduce shake when taking the shots.

7) Use a wide aperture ( Something like  F2.8 – F5.6).

8) Set the ISO so that the exposure time is reasonable, you ideally want nothing longer than 1/30 second.

9) Edit the photos with you favourite photo editor to achieve a result you are happy with.  Eg Boost Saturation, sharpen etc.

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