Macrophotography: Learning from a Master – Gilles Martin & Ronan Loaec

I’ve recently managed to buy (through an Amazon Market Place store) a second hand copy of this excellent macro book – Macrophotography: Learning from a Master by Gilles Martin & Ronan Loaec. I’d been after a copy for a couple of years since seeing it and stupidly not buying it when seeing a single copy in an old Borders bookstore.  I paid about £30.

It’s a superb book on Macro photography, with over 300 colour images, in fact it’s more of a tomb than a book, it large and heavy, so not one to read on a commute, but one to read at home with a table for support.  It goes from the macro beginner explanations, right up to more complicated high magnification images, and complex in the field set up, including aquarium, freeze insect shooting etc.

The book seems to be out of print now, but you can pick up second hand and occasionally new copies.  If you’re seriously getting  into macro photography, then its well worth picking up as it goes into more advanced techniques, than other macro books I’ve so far read.

Most of the images were captured on film.  However the text is not camera specific, so the advanced techniques can be used on digital/film cameras.

More info from Amazon below.

Product Description

This volume is an invitation into the world of close-up photography. The topics covered in the book range from technical advice about the equipment needed to get started (cameras, lenses, film), lighting techniques (flash versus natural light) and accessories to use as your experience progresses or situations arise that demand them (filters, tripods and protective gear for both you and your equipment). The book addresses in detail questions of focus, lighting and exposure. It not only discusses simple solutions and techniques for capturing images, but it also gives advice on aesthetic issues such as composition and colour. Apart from the technical advice, the volume presents images capturing the exquisite detail of flora and fauna: flowers brimming with nectar, the intricate pattern of a butterfly’s wings and the eye of a gecko, among many more. The book closes with a discussion of a further photographic frontier for future exploration – microphotography.

About the Author

Gilles Martin has been a photographer for more than twenty years. He has explored all of the continents, photographing nature in all of its aspects and all of its richness. His subjects have ranged from the twelve-foot baleen whale to minuscule insects. His work has appeared internationally in publications such as GEO, Paris Match, Life, and National Geographic. He now also enjoys sharing his expertise by organizing training courses and publishing books on the technique and practice of animal photography and macrophotography. Ronan Loaec is a journalist and the chief editor of the magazine Chasseur d’Images. Passionate about optics and microphotography, Loaec is also a photographer who specializes in subjects such as dragonflies, aquatic insects, and praying mantises.


I've been taking macro photography from 2004. I use both Canon film and digital cameras.

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