Daffodil Stamen Stacking

I recently had a go at focus stacking the stamen of a Daffodil, using Helicon 6.  I cut half the flower away so I could see inside at the stamen.  I took the shots using my new Stackshot macro rail, with the MPE-65 at F5 at 0.5 secs.  This was done indoors and I lit the daffodil with my Neon Lights (Apurture Amaran AL-198C).  After shooting hopefully from front to back I processed the images to jpegs, and picked the shots to use.  In the end I chose 97 of the images I took ( just over 100 ).

The final results after a quick clean and small crop in Photoshop was fairly pleasing for an early attempt using this new setup.

Daffodil Stamen 97 Image Stack
Daffodil Stamen 97 Image Stack

Daffodil Stamen 97 Image Stack.  Taken on Canon 650D with Canon MPE-65mm, using Stackshot.  97 images at 0.5 sec F5 stacked in Helicon Focus 6.



I've been taking macro photography from 2004. I use both Canon film and digital cameras.

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