Beetle Lavae Specimen Stack

Using stackshot and the Canon MPE-65mm lens I took 41 images of a beetle lavae specimen at 3x magnifications.  The photos were taken at F5.6 using a step of 150 µm.  On this one I used flash from the MT-24ex fired through an old poppadom packet that was made into a sort of soft box by attaching vellum to it.  Flash was set to manual power for a consistent exposure on each shot.

I then combined the images using Method C ( Pyramid Stack ) in Helicon 6, using the default settings.  The image was then finished off with Topaz Denoise 5, and cropped in Photoshop CC.  This is the resulting image.

Beetle Lava (Dead) Stack
Beetle Lava (Dead) Stack

Beetle Lava (Dead) Stack.  41 images stacked in Helicon Focus (Method C).  Images taken on Canon 650D with Canon MPE-65mm lens at 3x lifesize.  ISO 200 F5.6 1/200.  Flash from MT-24ex Twin Macro Flash diffused by Poppadom diffuser setup.





I've been taking macro photography from 2004. I use both Canon film and digital cameras.

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