Atlas Moth Attenna

I recently was fortunate to be given a deceased captive bred Atlas Moth to shoot an stack.  The moth very large – and has pretty wings ( which on this one were unfortunately deformed from a bad hatching ).  It did still though have its wonderful antenna in a good state.  So I decided to take these in close up.

I used the Cognisys stackshot and automated rail to take this image.  It is a comprised of a total of 73 indiviual images.  The images were then combined in two batch ( front and rear ) in Helicon Focus 6 to produce the final result.

Atlas Moth Antenna
Atlas Moth Antenna

Atlas Moth Antenna.  A combined stack of 73 images F5.6 ISO 100 images, taken at 1:1 magnification setting on the Canon MPE-65mm on Stackshot.  ISO 100 Flashlit with Canon MT-24ex Twin Macro Flash with Poppadom diffuser.




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