By the Colour Yellow

On the final Bank Holiday Monday in May I went to visit Alners Gorse in the  hope of some butterflies.  Unfortunately the warmish weather had turned to cold and windy by the time I got there.  A quick walk round saw no signs of any butterflies, so I decided to try my luck at the fields near Fiddleford Manor.  Unfortunately although the fields were full of buttercups and a few mayflies there was no sign of even a roosting butterfly.  However I did manage a couple of images there, one of a yellow dung fly and the other of some buttercups.  Hope you like them.

Yellow Dung Fly
Canon EOS 650D (100mm, f/5.6, 1/320 sec, ISO400)
Yellow Dung Fly
Yellow Dung Fly.  Taken on Canon 650D with Canon 100mm USM Macro Lens.  ISO 400 F5.6 1/320.  Natural Light on a Tripod.

Yellow Buttercups
Canon EOS 650D (100mm, f/2.8, 1/1600 sec, ISO200)
Yellow Buttercups
Yellow Buttercups.  Taken on Canon 650D with Canon 100mm USM Macro Lens.  ISO 200 F2.8 1/1600.  Natural Light on a Tripod.

Map of Location


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