A Photographic Guide to Insects of the New Forest and Surrounding Area.

A Photographic Guide to Insects of the New Forest and Surrounding Area

I bought this book following a recommendation from a forum poster on UKdragonflies.com in mid July 2011.  Living in the surrounding area and visiting around the area, there’s often insects that you come across and in my case photograph, that you’d like to know what it is.  This book covers a vast array of insects – from dragonflies to butterflies, from beetles to bugs, with a large number of excellent photographs to help you identify the little beastie.

I’ve already ( having had it around a couple of weeks now) used it to identify some flies, crickets and a stag beetle (did you know the UK had 3 different types of stag beetle ? I didn’t) and found them all in the book – obviously not every insect will be – but there’s a good number – and with excellent text descriptions to match – it makes a good book to carry in the field.  It fits in a large pocket – so not the smallest of guides, but if not specifically going for a certain insect ( eg butterflies) it’s easier than carrying serveral different field guides around at first.

It also has  an interesting history of entomology in the New Forest and how this has changed from its popular Victorian pasttime to now.  The price may seem high at around £17, but I thoroughly recomend it.  I consider it money well spent.



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