Rowhill Nature Reserve

I spent the afternoon today at Rowhill Nature Reserve, Aldershot.

The afternoon was bright and sunny, which meant the insects we active today.  The walk around the reserve was interesting and the bugs are coming out to play now.  I also saw my first bluebell of the year today.  It was in singular so no carpet to take.  Several woodland flowers were out at the reserve.

I only carried my MPE-65mm around today, so only was taking the bugs.  The better two shots from the session were of this tiny (2mm long) weevil and a fly.  Both taken handheld with diffused flash.

The first shot of the weevil below is taken at around 3x magnification.

Weevil on grass stem
Weevil on grass stem

This shot of the fly is at 1x magnification.

Fly on Leaf
Fly on Leaf

Map of location

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I've been taking macro photography from 2004. I use both Canon film and digital cameras.

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