CloseUps in Nature by John Shaw

I have read John Shaw’s Close-ups in Nature (Practical Photography Books)

The book was first published in 1987 and so it has a lot of examples of film shots and cameras.  However most of the techniques are easily transposed to the digital age, though some of the need for extenders on macro lens to get 1:1 is not longer required with the more modern macro lens.  The book is aimed at the more advanced macro photography techniques, and as such I would not recommend it to the absolute beginner.

The book also uses Nikon cameras (of the old film sort) , so if your using them then the book is even more useful.  I use Canon, but the techniques are the same if not the lens.

If you’ve got good photographic experience and an interest in macro photography, then I would recommend this book.  It covers aspects such as flash techniques, high magnification images and the set ups to get good results.  I’ve certainly gained some good tips, which I put into practice recently with my digital camera.  I’m also interested to try some of his suggestions out with my film camera too.


I've been taking macro photography from 2004. I use both Canon film and digital cameras.

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